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Support shoes

The right footwear for helpful support

Our stability shoes are highly versatile. They relieve strain on the feet and ankles, stabilise and guide the foot.

They have proven effective for the following indications:

  • Supporting and guiding ankles
  • Enabling and maintaining appropriate gait
  • Impairment of mobility (walking), e.g. in case of paralysis with spastic components with a tendency towards pes equinus position
  • Impairment of mobility (in this case walking), e.g. in case of severe damage to the ankle ligaments as part of conservative postoperative treatment or in case of spastic paralysis (after cerebral insult or infantile cerebral palsy) as temporary immediate treatment

Available in the sizes: TN2 / TN4 / TN6. The widths and sizes of shoes can be combined in cases of one-sided treatment.
Illustration: diagrammatic depiction of insole shape and internal volume of the last.

Your trusty companion – with flexible and individual width adjustment

Our aim is to form a strong team with our customers, doctors, physiotherapists, health insurance companies and medical services and to develop the best assistive technology in cooperation with our customers.

Our stability shoes meet all necessary requirements for recognition by health insurance companies as therapeutic aids.

Important criteria for the quality of shoes are:

  • Soft materials on the shaft ends to avoid pressure points and ensure high levels of comfort when wearing
  • High level of heel stabilisation with the foot free to roll at the same time
  • Hook-and Loop fasteners and zippers to make the shoes easier to put on and remove