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my design configurator

My own individual shoe

The design of our therapeutic shoes is heavily inspired by everyday regular shoes, so that the fashion aspect, which plays a particularly important role in adolescence, is taken into account. With a wide variety of materials, types of leather and different fabrics, we have developed a diverse collection that combines trends with therapeutic benefits – so that the feet are optimally cared for.

However, we may not always satisfy personal taste. For example, children, teens or adults may like one of our models, but would prefer it in a different combination of colours or materials to the one shown in the catalogue. With that in mind, we have developed the my design configurator, which allows you to create your own unique pair of shoes according to your own individual preferences.

From the sole to the laces, there are numerous design variations with a wide range of colours. Just print out your chosen template, take it to your retailer and order your self-configured model. Deviations in colour are possible and we reserve the right to make changes.

The following symbols denote the models that you can configure according to your taste.

Configure now