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Insole care

Insoles are often vital when using therapeutic shoes.

Our NovaPED insole blanks are available in various designs and material combinations.
Here we present a small selection from our insoles range for use with a variety of different indications.

To correct pigeon toe or previously treated club foot, a formed thermoplastic shellshaped insole with prolonged medial part can be used.

The S90 shell shaped insoles with its tried-andtested foil technique has a supportive, strain-relieving and corrective effect. For instance the insoles may be used for activating muscle tension in case of slack pes valgus or to reduce the muscle tension treating a pes cavus or to improve the gait pattern when suffering an infantile cerebral palsy.

NovaPED also offers suitable assistance in influencing muscular tension. For example, the insoles are used to stimulate muscular tension in limp skewed and sunken feet, to reduce muscular tension in cases of high arches or to improve the gait in patients suffering from infantile cerebral palsy.