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Our feet: The silent heroes of daily life.

They carry us through the hustle and bustle, over earth and pavement, day in and day out. But how often do we actually think about them? Who makes sure our trusty companions are cared for?

You’ll find a clear answer in our new “my generation” shoe catalog. We understand that functionality and comfort are just as important as style and esthetic. That’s why we consider the needs of your feet as well as fashion aspects when designing our shoes.

With meticulous care and a keen eye for details, we design shoes that don’t just keep up with the trends: They set the trends. Each pair is finished with a mixture of craftsmanship, quality-tested materials, and strong consideration for the environment and sustainability.

We are proud to have over 3,000 global partners in orthopedic shoe technology who trust our products to deliver optimal care. With over 55 years of experience in manufacturing therapeutic shoes, we have accrued expertise with each new collection and guarantee high quality as well as fine finishing.

Your trust and satisfaction drive us to give our best, time after time. Because all we want is for you to feel comfortable in our shoes, and to help you in your everyday life.

Dive into the world of my generation, where functionality meets style and your feet get the attention they deserve.

Arnd Schein
Schein Orthopädie Service KG