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Sole materials, heels, etc.

That's how trendy out-soles can be

Sole sheets are available in the size 38 × 26 cm and the following colours.

Item no. Colour
231940-000 black
231940-001 white
231940-002 honey
231940-003 pink
231940-004 blue
231940-005 orange
231940-006 mamba green
231940-007 grey
231940-008 red

Rotation heels

At every step, the (de-)rotation heel aids the natural gait and facilitates the correction of leg rotation problems.

The effective wearing time for a pair of (de-)rotation heels ranges from four to six weeks. If individual ribs break off during that period, rotation will not be diminished – even three or four ribs allow effective rotation. You can check this for yourself by manually pressing down the shoe in the heel area.

Item no. Form Size Colour
012250-010 round approx. 68 x 68 mm black
012250-020 round approx. 87 x 87 mm black

Correction generally takes around nine months, during which time at least six pairs of (de-)rotation heels will be needed. Naturally, the treatment time depends on the severity of the rotation problem.

Shoelaces in a variety of colours and lengths

Subtle shades or bold combinations: the choice is yours.
We offer shoelaces in many different colours and lengths, allowing you to individually design your shoes.
Available in the lengths 75, 90, 120 and 150 cm.

Item no. Colour
239000 black
239001 white
239002 dark blue
239003 orange
239004 mamba green
239005 royal
239006 pink
239007 red
239008 anthracite
239009 grey
239010 grey glitter
239011 white glitter
239012 blue glitter
239013 bordeaux glitter