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The perfect twist!

Originally developed for sport, this quick-lacing system for orthotics wearers with limited motor skills makes putting on and removing shoes considerably easier. The loosening and tightening is performed with the turning wheel. When the wheel is turned, all the laces are uniformly adjusted in a manner adapted to the patient’s foot and set with accuracy down to the millimetre. This fastening ensures a stable hold and the highest level of comfort when wearing the shoe.

The sturdy design of the atop fastening system supports the philosophy of our orthotic shoes:

  • Very good hold
  • Fine adjustment
  • One-handed operation
  • Low weight
  • Available as a front or rear fastening

Secure hold

We offer two versions of the atop fastening system:

  • With turning wheel on the rear cap
  • With turning wheel on the middle of the shoe
Both lacing systems provide excellent hold by uniformly tightening the entire surface.

Compared to conventional laces, which can absorb water or dirt, the low-friction plastic covers wrapped around the fine stainless-steel wires maintain their featherlight weight.

Even under heavy strain, the coil and wire form a long-lasting combination.

Once affixed, the lacing stays in place – the orthotics or the foot are held securely.